Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 7 Plus receiving September security patch and a bit more


Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 7 Plus users started reporting that the September security patch is available for their devices. The update for 7 Plus is a bit strange since some users are receiving a new Android Build V4.16B, which is 1.51 GB large, while others, and us too, are receiving a classic security patch, which is just 40.55 MB large. This situation is a bit strange, but do check your device and see if you received the update.

The users of Nokia 6.1 Plus started receiving a security patch, which is 19.23MB large. The update only brings the security patch, but users noticed that the Google Files app started showing up a Safe Folder Option.
The update for Nokia 6.1 Plus should be available in India, so do check your device if a new update is available.


There should be the update for Nokia 5.3 also but we are still not seeing it. Are you?


Cheers to Aditya and Garvit for the tips 😉