Nokia digitalizes all of its 5G deployments

Nokia has been working a lot in improving its operations and leveraging digitalization for smoother 5G network deployments. The Finnish company announced that it digitalized 100% of its 5G network deployments. This doesn’t mean that Nokia’s network gear will magically appear on cell towers (was a bit confused with this as well), but that the previous process of network deployments also included paper documentation and more on-site visits.

The site visits will still be necessary, but Nokia claims the full digitalization leads to 30% decrease in site visits, as well as “improvements in installation quality (30 percent), back office transactions (30 percent) and cycle times (25 percent).” This move will approximately save 1,500 trees a year in paper and minimize Nokia’s CO2 footprint.

Nokia will use drones and VR for site inspection and better preparation for deployments. Automated tools using machine learning and AI will help in analysis and Nokia also offers a realtime dashboard for greater transparency and project management effectiveness.

Thanks Usernew54 for the tip. 🙂

Source: Nokia