Nokia, Nokia Mobile and HERE are going to MWC2020

Mobile World Congress or MWC is the central event in the mobile industry. All the relevant networking companies, mobile phone manufacturers and many more others are taking one part of the enormous congress halls in Barcelona to show their products, and eventually do some deals. This might be one of the last MWC events organized in Barcelona since Madrid is trying its best to bring the event to its city limits, but that is less relevant. Nokia is there again, and so is HMD Global and HMD Global.

Nokia booked again the same space in the left wing of a huge Hall 3. Space is 3110 m2 big, which is half of the size of what Huawei books every year. We still don’t know what hardware and software products will Nokia be showing, but their new banner is ready, and we are looking forward to visiting them again. Nokia’s CEO, Rajeev Suri will be one of the keynote speakers at MWC, which is important now that Nokia is trying to be the No1 in the networking business. Interestingly, Xiaomi booked the space in Hall 3 also, and Samsung is there also.

HMD Global is at MWC again, in the 500 m2 booth they booked last year. The booth is situated outside of the Hall 3, pretty close to Nokia’s space where new Nokia devices will probably be displayed again. The tags under the exhibitor’s description are interesting. There are #5G, #APP/MOBILE SERVICES, #ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and #DEVICE HARDWARE/SOFTWARE. So, besides the 5G version of the Nokia 8.2, there might be some apps there also.

HERE Technologies, a former department of Nokia also booked a space but in Hall 6. They will be showing location data and technology platforms for people, businesses and cities. Hall 6 is a bit far away, but we’ll try to visit them also.


Jolla and Withings are not going to be at MWC2020, not according to the current floor plans and exhibitor’s list.

Check more about MWC2020 here. Also, check the official floor plan here.


Cheers NokiaMob lover for the links and tips 😉