Q2 2020: Nokia phones shipment declined to around 8.6 million primarily due to COVID

The first half of the year wasn’t great for the consumer market in general due to the decline in consumer spending and disruption in supply chain caused by the COVID19 pandemic. The smartphone and feature phone markets took a hit as well, because getting a new phone in our current situation isn’t really the first thing on mind for most people.

In the second quarter of 2020, during which the lockdown was in full effect in most of Europe and US for the most of the quarter, Nokia phone maker HMD Global also experienced a decline in smartphone and feature phone shipments, as it was provided to us by Counterpoint Research.

In Q2 2020, around 1.4 million Nokia smartphones were shipped representing 0.5% of the total smartphone shipment in the quarter and making Nokia the No. 17 smartphone brand globally. Due to COVID-19, “HMD smartphones suffered in its key market like EU, MEA, and India where it declined 58% YoY, 78% YoY, and 90% YoY respectively”, said Counterpoint Research Analyst Abhilash Kumar.

The situation with feature phones is better. While the market declined 47%, the shipment of Nokia feature phones declined less (41%), making the feature phone market share of Nokia feature phones go up to 16% in Q2 2020. Nokia still remained the second biggest feature phone brand in terms of shipment during Q2. Interesting to note, just like BBK brands hold almost half of the smartphone market combined, Transsion Group brands iTel and Tecno have a 42% combined market share in feature phones.

In total, that makes around 8.6 million Nokia phones shipped during Q2 2020, which is the historically the worst result since HMD took the brand, but this result was expected due to the global health situation.

You can check more interesting data about Q2 2020 shipments at Counterpoint.com.