Unknown Nokia smartphone seen on the set of latest James Bond movie *UPDATED*

During the golden ages, Nokia used to show up its best smartphones in blockbuster movies. I just saw Die Hard 4, which was shot in 2007 and where Nokia 93 and Nokia 9300 had significant screen time. To be featured in that kind of movie cost money, but it can bring you a lot more from aftersales, especially if the movie is popular.

Nokia Mobile did the same approach and featured its latest Nokia 5.3 and most probably Nokia 8.3 5G (assumed and not confirmed yet) in the latest James Bond movie titled No time to die. The premiere of the James Bond movie, where we are seeing Daniel Craig as a 007 for the last time, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Nokia Mobile sill announced the phones featured in the movie. But, there is a chance that Nokia Mobile showed more phones than just Nokia 8.3 5G and 5.3. In the photo released form the visit of Prince Charles to the movie set, an unknown Nokia phone can be seen laying on the table. The photo of the unknown Nokia smartphone is valid since the phone is visible in the video of that event.

Anyway, this phone looks does have a similar body design as the Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 5.3, but the position of the LED flash at the bottom of the camera module suggests it is not one of the previously mentioned phones. We could be seeing a prototype of 8.3, or maybe even Nokia 7.3 since the phone looks premium, and the 7.X lineup should also have a bit of that look. Maybe we are looking for an early prototype of Nokia 9.3, but the time frame is kind of early for that.

It is not clear if the frame of this device is made of aluminum, but the phone previously leaked on some promo photos does show Daniel Craig with a similarly looking phone which has a polished aluminum frame. Maybe the British secret service has Nokia as a standard-issue smartphone since this is M’s office. Could he be using Nokia 9.3?


What do you guys think this phone could be, 7.3/6.3 or Nokia 9.3 just by looking at the photo?

Cheers to GhostMonk for the photo and the tip;)

Update: Might be the Nokia 7.3? Nokia Mobile CPO excited about the news.