Nokia asks ITC to block Lenovo PC imports to US due to patent infringement

As BloomberLaw reports, Nokia asked the United States International Trade Commission (US ITC) to block imports of popular Lenovo PCs due to a patent dispute between the companies.

In autumn of 2019, Nokia sued Lenovo claiming the Chinese technology giant, and alongside HP the biggest PC maker in the world, infringes on 20 Nokia’s patent related to H.264 standard for video compression. Nokia alleges that Lenovo refused to “meaningfully engage in negotiations” and that other companies agreed to license Nokia’s patents.

The line of computers that reportedly uses Nokia patents without license includes Lenovo ThinkPad, IdeaPad and Flex series. We will have to see what ITC will decide, but usually such requests are among the last resorts in patent licensing negotiations, and Nokia asked for important bans before and always as far as I remember succeeded in getting the patent license paid.