Video: Nokia 5.3 tested with GCAM, gaming, battery life, and more

Nokia 5.3

Nokia 5.3 is a nicely rounded midranger that bridges affordable and pricier phones like 7.2. I previously published the full Nokia 5.3 video review a few weeks ago covering the basics like the display, camera, performance, and hardware, where my conclusion was very positive as the Nokia 5.3 provides a very nice balance between quality hardware, decent performance, and a versatile camera for its price range. You can refresh your memory by watch the review below.

Since then I have received plenty of feedback and comments asking about specific tests to see how well rounded this budget smartphone really is. I have chosen a few of the critical aspects to cover in this 2nd video, such as how well the Nokia 5.3 can handle graphic intensive games in terms of performance and heat, and how much GCAM can make a difference in capturing images compared to the stock camera application, as well as a few other things like one-handed usage and so on. So this is the video that covers these topics for those of you still on the fence and wanted to learn more.

So to sum up the video, GCAM makes a bigger difference in lowlight than in daylight, where the amount of light captured is superior to the stock camera app, and the images are overall sharper.

When it comes to gaming, the phone does very well in terms of performance, where the games I have tested managed to run smoothly on medium to high settings. Turning on maximum graphics settings though did cause dropped frames even if the games are playable, so I would recommend avoiding it for the best experience. The phone also manages to keep its temperature down even during prolonged gaming sessions which is nice.

It’s hard to use the Nokia 5.3 just with one hand, even though there are a few smart gestures like using the fingerprint reader to scroll down the notification bar, and while the tall aspect ration helps reach the sides easier, it makes it harder to reach the top of the screen. Anyways, the video gets into a lot more details so you can check it out.

So now that you have seen the full picture of what the Nokia 5.3 is capable of doing, what do you think about it? Would you consider buying it or are you waiting for something else? Let us know.