is out of the smartphone business, the company that brought computational photography to a smartphone industry via Nokia 9 PureView, is out of the smartphone business. The penta camera technology was a promising new direction in the smartphone camera, but the underdeveloped software and probable lack of investments stopped the further diversification of the technology.

Nokia 9 PureView is a good camera phone, but the buggy software makes it a perfect tool just for camera enthusiasts. back in 2019, Light partnered also with Xiaomi and Sony to bring its camera tech to their phones, but the partnership didn’t bring anything new to the market, and the whole thing will end up with 9 PureView which makes this phone unique in the history of smartphones.
Light is transferring its focus to the automotive industry, where it intends to improve the camera systems for autonomous vehicles.

This could explain all the delays of Nokia 9.3, but also gives us a clearer picture of the camera tech that the flagship Nokia smartphone will be using. While I was hoping to see a new version of the penta camera system, this could make Nokia 9.3 compete with the rest of the industry with bigger sensors, OIS, optical zoom, super-wide lens, and better macro lenses.


Cheers DBS for the tip 😉