Nokia and Vodafone Hutchinson successfully deployed 5G low-band in Australia

Nokia and Vodafone Hutchinson has successfully deployed the first 5G low-band NR700Mhz in Australia and Asia-Pacific region in a field test environment. This initial test will complement their recent 5G rollout on 3.5Ghz spectrum, which will further enhance the network’s 5G coverage in Australia.

The low-band 5G utilizes the 700MHz spectrum — the same frequency the current 4G smartphones are using. This will give a download speed a little higher over the current 700MHz 4G (30-250Mbps) but retaining the same area coverage. The utilization of this widely used spectrum will enhance VHA’s 5G network coverage, and improve the indoor coverage experience due to the additional boost from 5G.

Nokia’s AirScale product range is already currently being tested on some of VHA’s 5G sites in and around Parramatta in Western Sydney, whilst the 5G 700MHz spectrum will be rolled out in selected areas as part for VHA’s 5G rollout. This repurpose of the 700MHz spectrum will allow Nokia and VHA for faster 5G rollout, without having to worry about the area coverage.