How to boost and share your WiFi network

While a global pandemic sweeps across the world, we have most likely just found ourselves with a drastically new way of life. We are probably using this quarantine period to clean up our pending lists and to complete the remains which we kept delaying in our busy lives.

Well, along with all these things, Nokia is asking us to do some cleansing on our WiFi networks also, by boosting its performance and by learning about some of the advanced features about it.

After showing us how to get a better WiFi signal from our routers, Nokia is now showing us hot to boost the WiFi network and even share it with our friends and family after the pandemic measures are over.

Nokia’s blog post is eloquent and explains in a very detailed way. Let us look at what Nokia’s expert suggests:

  • A factory reset is one of the easiest ways to solve irregular difficulties and fluctuating connectivity. Do not forget that you will have to remodify your settings and reconnect some devices.
  • Enabling family profiles to give the little ones some free time from the internet.
  • Changing the WiFi password in such a way that it is easy for you to remember but the other way for others.
  • Ensuring that the WiFi is safe from the viruses (not the biological viruses)!
  • Household appliances like microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, mobile phones and many more, which emit radio signals of their own can also overlap with the WiFi network, which can decrease the WiFi speed. Nokia says since the appliances use the 2.4 GHz frequency band, we can avoid them by using the 5 GHz WiFi frequency (only if our handheld devices support it).
  • Nokia weighs on the fact that “mesh” technology-enabled WiFi devices can prevent the connection loss at spots where it is more likely to happen. “Mesh” technology involves more than one WiFi access point, creating a seamless network.
  • You can prevent the visitors in your home from accessing your personal WiFi network by creating a guest WiFi network and then you will be able to keep the controls to yourself.

Do try out these options if you face any issues with your WiFi.

Also, Nokia has its own range of “mesh” technology-enabled WiFi devices, the Nokia WiFi Beacons. We also reviewed the Nokia Beacon 3 which still works very efficiently and can improve your home WiFi connectivity!