Nokia Mobile updates the official update tracker for Android smartphones

On 14th April, Nokia Mobile refreshed the data presented by their update tracker where users of Nokia smartphones can check if the latest updates have started rolling out for their devices.

To find information about your device, you need to select your Nokia smartphones from the dropdown menu and find the “software ID number” that should be the same as the one you have on your device in Settings->About. Going through the list, seems to me that the March 2020 update started rolling out for all devices that still receive updates on a monthly level, with some phones also receiving the April 2020 update.

If you see a new update available for your device in the tracker, but hitting refresh doesn’t find the update on your phone, Nokia Mobile explained how they deliver updates in a post on the Community Forum. In general, updates are delivered in 2 waves. The first wave is for all markets/operators that approved the update and that can take around 5 days, while in the second wave the rest of markets is covered. Usually, once an update starts rolling out, it is just a matter of time until all the users receive it. In other words, it will definitely come.

You can find the Nokia Mobile update tracker here.