Slush cancelling the event to help startups in a different way

Maybe some of you might never hear of SLUSH, but this event is dear to many Nokia fans. Nokia chose this Helsinki based event to show the world its first product after the sales of the Devices and Services unit. It was in November 2014 when we first saw the Nokia N1 Android tablet which was running the great Z Launcher, also developed by Nokia.

If you forgot that event, do check the video below.

Anyway, SLUSH is now a well-established event and Nokia and other nordic tech companies and startups are present on it, just like on MWC. There might still be time before the new edition of SLUSH, but the organizing committee decided not to organize an event this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We still can’t predict how the COVID-19 will evolve, or even say it will be a thing in November 2020, but SLUSH people decided that the current situation will definitely hurt the startups financially, so they will start to act differently. SLUSH will try to find solutions that will allow them to help the startup ecosystem 365 days a year instead of just two days, but without hurting the future of this event. They will continue doing their initiatives like entrepreneurship education program Slush Academy, online media Soaked by Slush and doing research that benefits the whole startup ecosystem. Slush also announced that there might be some smaller event organized during Fall.

This is nice initiative that Slush is doing since hard times like this might give birth to some great startup ideas that could become great companies in the future.
If you would like to know more about SLUSH, check their webpages.

Source SLUSH