Video: Unboxing and quick hands-on of Nokia 5310

Here is the very first unboxing of recently announced Nokia 5310, which is a new member of Nokia’s original series group of phones. The unboxing was done by Vy Vo Xuan who was the first to unbox Nokia 800 Tough and many other Nokia phones. The box differs from the usual clear plastic boxes of the originals, but it is still rather simple, with the essential info printed on it. The only thing I don’t like is that the box shows the white/red color variant of 5310, but the black/red is found inside. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to print the right color render of the boxed device at the back for example, or place a black or white dot on the box to see what color variant is inside?

Anyway, besides the phone, you will be getting a battery, a Nokia charger with a micro USB jack and a quick guide. The device looks nice, and nicely built. It is clearly not the same quality as the Nokia 5310 XM was back in the days, but the price of €39 seems reasonable. I would like to see a version with the reduced bezels around the screen in the future. That would look cool too.

Vy Vo Xuan also did a short but informative hands-on and showed us the software of the device. Nokia 5310 is not running KaiOS, but Nokia S30+ software like Nokia 3310. This software works well on the device and you’ll still be able to play some games like Snake and Doodle Jump, and you’ll be able to purchase new games over the preinstalled store.
We also got the quick test of dual speakers that Nokia 5310 is bringing, and those are quite loud but might be missing a bit of the bass sounds.

Later Vy Vo Xuan show a white/red version of the device, and I must say that one is my favourite. Check out the video.

Which version do you like, black/red or white/red?


Thanks Vicky for the tip 😉