Nokia Mobile introduces Super-Users program on Community Forum

Administrators on the Nokia Mobile Community Forum announced a new feature to the community that could overall improve the health of discussions taking place there.

Often the forum admins, employees of Nokia Mobile, don’t manage to go through all the comments or do it too late to spot abuse, off-topic comments or questions that only mods can answer.

By introducing a Super-Users program trusted members of the Community Forum that aren’t connected in a legal sense to Nokia Mobile will help moderate the threads to some extend. They will help the moderators in merging, moving and deleting threads and comments that aren’t relevant to the discussions.

In such cases there are always fears of misuse of power by the chosen ones, but there are established guidelines that help moderate discussions. Also, looking at the first Super-Users, I feel that the Community Forum couldn’t be in better hands and we wish them luck in helping take the forum on a higher level. 🙂