Q1 2020: Every second feature phone sold in Finland is Nokia – Counterpoint Research

Finnish tech site Suomimobiili.fi shared interesting numbers provided by Counterpoint Research about the state of the mobile market in Finland. Counterpoint recently shared the market share situation with smartphones in Europe, and few weeks before that we got to know how Nokia Mobile performed on a global level per their numbers.

In Finland, the Nokia brand dominates in feature phone with Nokia Mobile having a 50% market share. I’m not honesty surprised by this, because after all Nokia is a Finnish brand and Nokia feature phones do tend to satisfy the needs of feature phone users.

In smartphones, Nokia Mobile found its place in the top 5 vendors in Finland by placing on the fifth spot with 3% market share. With a lot of market share ahead there is OnePlus on place 4, while Samsung, Apple and Huawei claim the top three spots. Interesting to note that Huawei had a solid 21% market share in Finland in Q1 considering the software struggles, but that’s a decline from the previous quarter and same period last year.