The next Nokia Mobile’s #ShotOnNokia challenge is water

Nokia mobile announced a new #ShotOnNokia challenge, but this time the challenge is a bit different. Well, the theme is different than the last time, of course, but Nokia Mobile wants you to share your best videos of water. You can share the video of the water you created on any of the social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) where Nokia Mobile has an account, but don’t forget to place #ShotOnNokia hashtag when uploading. Also, you can add #WaterChallenge and upload a photo if you don’t prefer videos.

Some interesting uploads on Twitter might inspire you, but maybe it is better not to see them and search for the inspiration in the area you are living. If you are in the isolation because of the SARS-CoV-2, you can shoot the waterfalls in the toilet or do some close up videos of the water coming out of the tap. Here is our best shot for water challenge :).


Cheers NokiaMob Lover for the tip 😉