Nokia offer innovators up to $100K grant and chance to work within Nokia Bell Labs


As we all know, Nokia now owns the world’s renowned R&D department, the Bell Labs (now Nokia Bell Labs). This was passed through different companies through its years, but finally landed in the hands of Nokia in 2016 after the company acquired Alcatel-Lucent.The Bell Labs was founded by Alexander Graham Bell himself, the inventor of the telephone. The Nokia Bell Labs is located in Murray Hill, New Jersey, and that is where the transistor that lead to the technological revolution we still enjoy to this day was invented. Other world-changing inventions by Bell Labs include: the C++ programming language, laser, solar battery, CCD camera sensor (which started the digital camera revolution), and the first orbiting satellite (which enabled live television and phone signals relayed between US and Europe) among many others.

Nokia is cherishing the efforts of Bell Labs, and that is why the Finns launched a contests for innovators to work with Bell Labs to develop their world-changing inventions.

“We are on the verge of an industrial revolution that will lead to unprecedented productivity gains driven by humans, machines and systems working in perfect harmony,” said Marcus Weldon, Nokia’s Corporate CTO and President of Nokia Bell Labs. “Bell Labs researchers are defining this new future through disruptive research focused on solving the key challenges facing humanity in this next technological revolution. The Bell Labs Prize is a unique opportunity for other brilliant minds around the world to join us on this journey and be given full access to our researchers, facilities and resources so that we can collaborate on inventing the future.”

Nokia Bell Labs will offer its researchers, facilities, and resources to those that will be choose for the research collaboration. The top three finalist will also receive grants from Nokia Bells Labs to use for the enhancement of their innovations. The grand prize winner will receive $100,000 USD, while the second and third place will recieve $50,000 USD, and $25,000 USD respectively.

Additionally, the R&D may also offer other contest participants the opportunity to work with Nokia Bell Labs researchers and across Nokia to collaborate on research projects such as 5G technologies and other innovations.

The Nokia Bell Labs is accepting applications until April 27, 2020. The R&D will also offer the top 50 submissions to work with Nokia Bell Labs researchers to turn their ideas into an actual proposal. From there, Nokia Bell Labs will choose the five finalist that will compete for the top three prizes in December in front of a panel consisting of renowned experts and industry leaders.

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