Nokia Mobile how-to series: Get started with Pro camera

Nokia Mobile has released yet another how-to video. This time, it’s about how to get started with the Pro camera mode. The Pro camera mode was once popularized by Nokia (later Microsoft) Lumia smartphones. When Nokia Mobile took over the Nokia brand for smartphones, it also revived the Pro camera mode for devices equipped with ZEISS optics.

Check the how-to video below to know where to find and how to use the feature.


The Pro mode ring consists of White Balance, Focus, ISO, and Shutter Speed. The white balance ring is for color adjustment, while the focus ring is for adjusting which subject should be the sharpest. The ISO is the overall sensitivity of the sensor. The lower the ISO, the lesser and cleaner the resulting image. High ISO may give a brighter image, but it will look mushy and noisy. To use the lower ISO in dark places, you should compensate using longer shutter speed.

Shutter Speed is the amount the time the sensor is exposed to light. The lower the shutter speed, the faster it will take photos. Note that since there’s less exposure time, the resulting image should look dark with low ISO. So it’s advisable to use higher ISO in faster shutter speed. To use lower ISO in lowlight, you can compensate by adjusting the shutter speed to higher number (sometimes up to 16 seconds), and leave it on a tripod. Note that even minimal shake can ruin the overall sharpness of the resulting image. A low ISO, long shutter speed setup will give you bright photos, with lesser to no noise.

Anyways, it’s great to see Nokia Mobile investing some effort in creating educational content for users and potential users.