Build An App For Your Website In Minutes (Video)

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Before AppMySite reached out to me, I had no idea this service even existed. It sounded almost too good to be true, and as someone who just started his entrepreneur journey thanks to youTube and Nokiamob, this was the next logical step into creating a successful business or online storefront related to my content. If you’re a website owner or business owner, this service will save you money and improve how you let your readers or clients interact with you.

What is AppMySite?

AppMySite is an online service that allows you to convert your WordPress website (Or any other site, but best used with WordPress), into a mobile application compatible with iOS or Android within minutes without requiring any knowledge whatsoever in coding. Starting the process is completely free, and here are the steps:

How To Build An App

Just go to their website,

Click on “try for free”

1) Create An Account

2) Customize Visual Aspects (Logo, Splashscreen, Homescreen)

3) Connect WordPress to AppMySite

4) Preview Your App

5) Download apk File

In order to create a downloadable app For Android or iOS devices, you will need to upgrade to a premium tier. When I saw what AppMySite can do, I was expecting expensive prices, but I was pretty thrilled to find their pricing options reasonably affordable. If you just want an app for android devices, their yearly plan will cost you 19$ per month for their yearly plan. For an android and iOS app, that would be $39 dollars monthly, and their most comprehensive plan costs $79 and adds things like customer chat, page and product analytics and more which would be the perfect plan if you want to use AppMySite to build an eCommerce app. Once you have upgraded to a premium tier, go to the download tab to build your app and create a downloadable apk file.

Other Cool Features:

Send Notifications

One of my favourite features that is built right into AppMySite is the ability to send out notifications to your users. It’s very easy, you just go into the notifications tab and enter the details you want to send out, and you’re ready to go! You can do this whenever you want to push out notifications, or set some on a schedule.

Integrate AD Monetization

If your website makes money through Ad revenue, you’ll be happy to know that you can integrate your google ads account into the app to display high-quality ads right from inside the app. You just need to go to the monetization tab and enable them from there.

Chat With Clients

You can integrate a chat client straight into your app with multiple services supported.

Summing It Up

For me, such a service is a revelation. As much as I would love to one day learn how to code and create something completely from scratch, this saves me time and money and gives me all the right tools to build an app very quickly. And if you’re a business owner with a website, I’m sure you will benefit greatly from this too.

if you like the AppMySite service check out their links, here:


If you would like to play around with the prototype Nokiamob app I built let me know. I will share the apk files with those interested 🙂


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