SoftBank and Nokia tested 5G NSA network for connected vehicles

Japanese Softbank conducted the test of its 5G network for connected cars. The test was done in collaboration with Nokia, which installed the network for the Japanese company. The test was performed at Honda R&D site at Hokkaido, Japan where Softbank installed the Non-stand-alone (NSA) 5G network. This test was the world-first trial and a first step in deploying Nokia’s 3GPP Release 15 compliant using commercial-level 256QAM high-order modulation and 4×4 MIMO radio equipment.

The network was tested in four use cases including the transmission of location information of the surrounding vehicles at the intersections with the poor visibility, the identification and notification process for falling objects, and the transmission of high-quality 4K video and images taken from the in-vehicle cameras. The 5G networks will definitely speed up the development of automated vehicles. Sad that there isn’t any video from the test, or the inside of the vehicle since it would be fun to see this new tech at work.



Thanks Usernew54 for the tip 😉