New Health Mate update brings better sleep insights

The French health and fitness company Withings released a new update for their Health Mate application available on the PlayStore for Android and AppStore for iOS devices. The goal of the new update is to improve your sleep by giving you more data about it.

The Health Mate in version 4.8 brings new Sleep Heart Rate Indicator for devices that support Sleep tracking, which are Steel HR, Steel HR Sport, Pulse HR and Sleep. The feature brings more complete graphs and allows navigation through standard heart rate zones. In a blog post, Withings explained what Sleep Heart Rate is and how particular devices track it. The watches measure the heart rate every 10 minutes during sleep, while the Withings Sleep mat does that continuously and makes one-minute averages, making graphs made with data from Sleep more precise.


Withing was once a division inside Nokia Technologies called Nokia Health after Nokia acquired it in 2016. Nokia’s focused on their core business led them to sell Withings back to their co-founder and now Withings is again operating as an independent company.

I didn’t receive the new Health Mate update just yet, but I am looking forward to new sleep HR graphs. Hear rate monitoring was an important factor in purchasing a Steel HR Sport for me, so it is good to see the company giving more value to costumers after purchase. If you have some of Nokia Health / Withings gadgets and use Health Mate, do leave a comment down below if the new update arrived. 🙂