Nokia and Ericsson CEOs to meet the German Chancellor in the coming days

With Huawei being expelled from the western markets because of US-China economic war, the widow of opportunity opened for its biggest rivals, Nokia and Ericsson.

One important EU market in the networking business is Germany or precisely its Deutsche Telecom. According to Reuters, DT wasn’t happy with Nokia as a supplier of networking hardware and software but still continued working with the Finnish telecom giant. This definitely opened some space for Swedish Ericsson but it seems that both companies are going after the deals that Huawei was aiming for. Yahoo Finance reports that CEOs of Nokia and Ericsson are going to be meeting Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel in the coming days. They will debate in Berlin on how best to regulate foreign manufacturers of networking equipment.

While competition is powering the development of technology business, the monopole is newer a good thing so to have two or three telco equipment providers can only be a good thing. What I would like to see here is the interoperability of the trio’s hardware, and as I understand Nokia’s and Ericsson’s equipment can work with each other (or some segments can) while Huawei’s isn’t so flexible for upgrades with competitor’s hardware. Do correct me if I’m wrong here.


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