Video: Two new Nokia Mobile ads are going viral

In the past one and a half year, HMD and their marketing partners have produced some of the best mobile phone commercials we saw in the last year or two. The Nokia brand in itself causes emotions, and coupled with some creative storytelling and product placement you get the great Diwali ad, the Nokia Christmas ad or the Nokia 6.1 and 7 plus commercial at MWC2018.

Nokia Mobile posted two new ads, with a pretty simple storyline that promotes the bothie mode and the 4GB/64GB version of Nokia 6.1 for the Indian market. The ads are simple, short and they seem to be effective because one was viewed 13 million times, while the other is near 7 million. Check them down below.



Contrary to my first impression, I have to say that the bothie mode is a pretty useful option to have on a mobile device. Combining a selfie and a regular shot isn’t something new, but Nokia Mobile is promoting it in a right way. This week, operator Tele2 in Croatia started offering the Nokia 6.1 and 7 plus, with the slogan I freely translate as “Take both sides of the story”.

Anyways, HMD increased their marketing efforts compared to the first year and it surely will positively affect the sales of the devices, especially the Nokia 7 plus which is currently the best device for its price HMD offers.

Tell us your opinion about the ads in the comments down below. 🙂