Video: Nokia TV officially launched in India

Flipkart officially unveiled the first Android TV carrying the Nokia brand. The device will exclusively be available in India from 10th December. Flipkart also released the first promo video showcasing the TV from all angles.


The TV looks really sleek and features some interesting technologies like Intelligent Dimming, Dolby Sound and others. It runs on Android, and uses a quad-core CPU with 2.25GB of RAM. The TV has a 55″ diagonal and 4K resolution.

You can find the device at Flipkart here. The price is Rs. 41,999 (530 euros) at the moment, which is discounted Rs. 29,000 from Rs. 70,999 (900 euros). I’m excited for the sale start on 10th December so that we can see first reviews and user experiences with the device.