Video: Quick speed and camera comparison between Nokia 7.2 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

YouTuber Vy Vo Xuan created another speed comparison video where he compared the speed and cameras of Nokia 7.2 with the Xiaomi’s ultimate midrange model, Redmi Note 8. Both phones have a similar shape, same screen size, and almost the same hardware specs. Unlike Nokia, Xiaomi used Gorilla 5 glass on both the front and back of the phone and a newer processor. The main 48 MP camera and the 8 MP ultra-wide camera are the same on both phones, but Nokia 7.2 does have a larger 20 MP selfie camera, a better 5MP depth sensor, and all of its cameras are covered with ZEISS lenses.

The best part of this excellent comparison video is to show the difference between the Snapdragon 660 which is built in the 14 nm process and has Adreno 512 GPU and Snapdragon 665 that is built in the 11 nm process and has Adreno 610.

Do check the comparison video below.

Xiaomi’s MIUI seems more polished and does boot faster than the AndroidOne on Nokia 7.2, but 7.2 does seem to open the games faster even though Redmi Note 8 has the game boosting option turned on. The only game Redmi Note 8 opened faster was PUBG.

The main camera seems to be producing a bit sharper photos on Nokia 7.2 with less saturated and more natural colors, but there are just not enough photos shown or done to make the proper camera comparison. The Nokia 7.2 selfie shooter does seem to make better photos since it has a bigger sensor.
I know this is just the basic comparison, but I would love to hear your thoughts on these two phones and which one you find better?

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