Video: Nokia 7.2 gets disassembled

The very first Nokia 7.2 disassembly video has been posted on YouTube by Techno Rabin. Finally! I kind of expected to see JerryRigEverything doing it, but it seems that he is still waiting for the promised Nokia 800 Tough. In the meantime, the video that Techno Rabin posted will get us inside the Nokia 7.2. I like the way he uses a more professional way to take the glued back by heating the phone on the heating block instead of using the heating gun. The 7.2 does remind me of Nokia Lumia 830, and now I think that a removable back cover in different vivid colors would be also a cool thing. Another thing that would be cool is to place the NFC antenna to the top of the device, which would be ergonomically better to do the payment or connect to speaker/earphones. Just below the NFC antenna is the graphite sheet that is used to dissipate the heat generated by the chipset below it. The device has many screws holding all the parts tightly on the place and probably increasing the structural integrity of the device. Another tight thing is the battery which is glued to the aluminum frame inside and looks quite hard to remove it.

Anyway, for all the juicy details about the Nokia 7.2 internals, check the video.