SkyFive is a company comprised of ex-Nokians that will be taking care of Nokia’s Air-to-Ground assets

When you give a high five to someone on the airplane, then it is called skyfive. It could be, but Skyfive is a new company founded by ex-Nokia executives and ex-Nokia employees with the main goal to deliver broadband solutions to the aviation industry. 

Together with Nokia, SkyFive will be the world’s first specialist for Air-to-Ground (A2G) communications. SkyFive transferred a substantial part of Nokia’s A2G patents, portfolio, and employees, and is now ready to start fulfilling the needs of the aviation industry for true broadband connectivity in the air. SkyFive will continue working with Nokia tightly. Nokia will be responsible for the ground networking technology, while the SkyFive will be taking care of the end-to-end solutions.

Google was interested in some parts of Nokia’s Airborne Broadband system back in 2018, but this could be an even better solution for the ex-Nokians. Anyway, this business model reminds us of HMD Global and its beginnings. Since SkyFive has origin in Nokia, we’ll be monitoring closely what is going on there :). For start, they could add some pixels to the logo shared online.

If you are interested in what SkyFive has to offer, or want to know more about the team, do check their webpage.

Cheers Usernew54 for the tip 😉