Nokia Mobile (HMD Global Oy) backs Google in its EU antitrust case challenge

Google is in the process of challenging the €4.3 billion anti-trust fine from EU regulators because of linking Google Apps to the Android OS, thus removing customer choice when it comes to services like email clients, navigation, browsers, etc.

Two European Android manufacturers, German Gigaset and Finnish HMD Global, the creator of Nokia phones, will be allowed to speak on behalf of Google in the courthouse. The two manufacturers, alongside Opera Software company, Application Developers Alliance and the Computer & Communications Industry Association will be backing Google in its challenge of the the €4.3 billion fine and request for changing its Android business model in Europe.

As Bloomberg reports, the EU will be backed by “German newspaper and magazine publishers, Czech search engine AS, search firm Qwant SAS and the European consumers group BEUC” in the case.

Google already took/announced some steps to comply with the EU’s decision that we covered here.