Nokia holds top market share in telecom software business

Analysts from Analysys Mason published their annual report on the global telecom software and services market. This market grew by roughly 1% to $66.1 billion.

Nokia’s share in the market is close to $4.8 billion, which makes it the number one in the segment. Nokia invested a lot lately in the development of software services for networks, and this proved to be a good choice.

The most investments were focused on the improvement of 5G-ready mobile networking management that is now more cloud-native. Nokia re-oriented its software products onto a Common Software Foundation (CSF) that is cloud-native, multi-network, multi-vendor, 5G-ready, and optimized for public cloud platforms. This should make the deployment of 5G networks much easier as well as the servicing process, and eventual future upgrades of the networks.

Additionally, this reorganization process resulted in the establishment of a dedicated software go-to-market organization, which led to a significant reorganization of Nokia’s R&D and delivery organizations.

This new department or organization is not yet mentioned on the site, but if it is some significant change in Nokia’s structure, we’ll find out about it soon. Hopefully, there won’t be any new layoffs.

Nokia Press