Quick speed and camera comparison between Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 7.2 *Update*

*Update* I updated the video!

Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 7.2 have many things in common. These are the first Nokia devices to bring improved camera capabilities to the midrange class of Nokia phones. Also, these two phones brought a stunningly designed body to the price class. Also, both phones share the same Snapdragon 660 processor, so it is interesting to see how are those working side by side. Here is a short video inspired by the YouTube Channel who compared Nokia 7.2 with many competitors in the industry. I just quickly compared the startup speed, loading speed of the apps and memory management.

Here is also a quick and basic camera comparison between the Nokia 7 Plus 12 MP camera and Nokia 7.2 48 MP camera. The 12 MP shooter in 7 Plus has a sensor with 1.4 um large pixes, while the Nokia 7.1 has a 48 MP sensor with pixels that are 0.8 um in size. Since Nokia 7.2 is basically doing oversampling, or 4 pixels binning, both should have similar picture quality. But, new algorithms changed the odds slightly to Nokia 7.2. Nokia 7 Plus is still a competent shooter, but Nokia 7.2 camera does have a better dynamic range, better color reproduction, and generally sharper images. There is a lot of distortion going on on photos that can be seen in low light images where Nokia 7 Plus does give a slightly more natural representation of the shot but overall Nokia 7.2 wins. I also inserted one shot just to demonstrate its wide camera that could be better. Here are the low res images, but you can inspect them in full resolution on our Flickr gallery (recommend doing that).

Would like to hear what do you guys think?