Nokia 7.2 is coming with the OZO Audio sound recording

Nokia went back to the mobile phone business so it could take some great patents that were lying around useless in some drawer and make some profit out of it. I could also say the same for its brand since the consumer market is where Nokia managed to transform people into the Smurfs and bleed blue blood :). Anyway, the first Nokia phones made by Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) brought back some old Nokia legacy, like design and sturdiness, and people loved it. When Nokia Mobile brought back Nokia’s long-time partner ZEISS, people also loved it. Then Nokia Mobile introduced Nokia OZO Audio software solutions for capturing great quality sound, and people were astounded by that.
With Nokia 7.2 being announced, we could hear about great Finnish design, bringing the phone back to Nokia roots, ZEISS lenses, and software, but there was no mention of Nokia’s OZO Audio software features being used. I was checking the official data specs sheet, and Nokia Mobile just forgot to put that tinny bit of info there. Also, there is no mention of the OZO Audio on the back of the box.

But, when you start shooting the video, you get the message that the OZO Audio is enabled. So, yes, Nokia 7.2 is coming with the OZO Audio feature and will record great sound through its 2 microphones. For now, the more advanced OZO Audio recording options, like directional recording in Nokia 7 Plus, are not enabled, but maybe it will be in the future even for two microphones. I’ll be testing the sound recording capability and be more detailed about it in a review. Don’t expect OZO Audio to work on photos 🙂