Nokia TA-1175 or Nokia 2720 Flip is ready for the US market

Nokia TA-1175, which is charming Nokia 2720 Flip, just passed the FCC certification process. The certification process just showed what we already know, but it is interesting to see the position of the antennas on this “foldable” device. All the antennas are in the bottom part of the device, which is good since the antennas will be further away from your brain. Also, since 2720 is a feature phone, the battery will be removable, and in the battery compartment will be the label with all the info.

Since 2720 passed the FCC certification, it will most probably be offered in stores across the US. I like this little phone, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I’ll be able to use it as a daily driver since it will be coming with WhatsApp.

How do you like it?

Source FCC