Nokia leads in updates on the global smartphone market – Counterpoint

We all know that Nokia Mobile is one of the rare smartphone manufacturers that keeps their entire portfolio up to date. In their recent report about the state of software and security maintenance in the smartphone world, Counterpoint Research recognized that.

Nokia Mobile has 96% of their smartphone portfolio sold cumulatively since Q3 2018 running on Android 9 Pie, with Samsung being the close second with 86%, and Xiaomi third with 84%. Nokia Mobile also upgraded almost the entire Nokia smartphones portfolio in less than a year on the latest version of Android, which is the fastest of all Android manufacturers.

High-priced devices are often updated first, but having the latest software is as important to mid- and low-priced products as it is to flagship devices. We, therefore, looked at manufacturers’ performance at updating software across all price tiers. By this analysis, Nokia stands out, again, as the brand most likely to update its full portfolio quickly.” – Research Analyst Abhilash Kumar

Nokia Mobile’s CPO Juho Sarvikas shared the report via Twitter, thanking the team for the good work they are doing in terms of updates.


When we isolate Nokia Mobile’s update performance, we can often see a number of complaints about the updates not coming fast enough or updates not bringing enough change. If we put what Nokia Mobile’s is doing in the context of how the whole industry is performing, we see that Nokia Mobile is a market leader in software updates.

They did a good job in keeping the entire portfolio up to date. While Android One doesn’t have so many options as custom skins from Samsung or Xiaomi do, it’s a great thing for a phone owner to be able to update their device from Nougat, to Oreo and to Pie, as the first generation Nokia phones did. And a lot of Nokia phones (18 of them) will also receive Android 10, that will bring changes.