Nokia TA-1178 passed the FCC certification. Nokia TA-1196 to follow.

New Nokia model TA-1178, which is probably just a version of TA-1174 and others for the US market, has just passed the FCC certification process. The documents released by FCC uncovered some details about the upcoming Nokia smartphone, like dimensions and types of the antenna in it. Nokia TA-1178 is going to be 75 mm wide and 169 mm high which could accommodate a screen with 6 or more inches in diagonal. FCC documents also revealed a diagram of the device with antenna locations. This diagram is just a representation of the phone but can suggest an X71 shape of a phone. The diagram also showed that TA-1178 will also be coming with BT, WiFi, LTE, and NFC antennas, which suggests it is a mid or upper midrange phone. The device will be able to operate on GSM, LTE and WCDMA networks and support VoIP on all of the bands.

Anyway, TA-1178 won’t be coming alone to the US market. The documents hint that we should also soon be seeing a TA-1196 device passing the FCC certification process.
So, August is close and so is the announcement of new Nokia smartphones. The Nokiasphere is getting heated up, which is a good thing because the Nokia world needs a global warming effect asap.


Source: FCC