Huge discount on Nokia 8.1 and other Nokia smartphones in Pakistan

Nokia 8.1 (X7)

The official distributor of Nokia smartphones in Pakistan Advance Telecom kicked off a summer sale with some Nokia smartphones being offered with more than 40% discount.

The best buy from Advance’s offer is definitely the Nokia 8.1 that sells for 38,300 PKR (215 euros, 16,600INR) compared to the initial price of 69,900 PKR. Price of Nokia 7.1 is reduced from 45,900 PKR to 32,540PKR (182 euros, 14,000INR), and smaller discounts are on other Nokia models as well.

Smartphone Model Actual Price Summer Sale Price
Nokia 8.1 Rs. 69,900 Rs. 38,300
Nokia 7.1 Rs. 45,900 Rs. 32,540
Nokia 6.1 Plus Rs. 37,800 Rs. 28,800
Nokia 5.1 Plus Rs. 26,900 Rs. 22,900
Nokia 3.2 (2GB RAM + 16GB storage) Rs. 19,499 Rs. 18,300
Nokia 3.1 Plus Rs. 24,950 Rs. 19,900
Nokia 2.2 (3GB RAM + 32GB storage) Rs. 19,999 Rs. 18, 700

If you are interested in buying a device from Advance Telecom, check the offer here.