Video: Nokia explaining 5G growth opportunities for consumers

Nokia published a few demo videos on its YouTube channel to make end users better acquainted with the upcoming 5G network. Internet is full of 5G, and this new networking standard is not the future anymore, it is a reality that will be speeding up the digital industry. Videos clearly demonstrate the growth opportunities for consumers, industry, and smart cities. I love this end to end approach where Nokia creates a full scenario so the potential customers could further develop their idea and customize 5G for their needs.

Videos are 2 minutes long and quite informative. All this networking business might seem like nuclear physics for us that usually are mostly occupied by just mobile phones, but it is good to know the backbone of mobile phone installation. Nokia really explained well how networks of the future are working and how they are gonna help us transform our cities.


Nokia also showed just one scenario of how will 5G network help gamers to consume new games right on the release. Since the 5G network will be super fast, the streaming of the game will be possible on mobile devices that are already becoming powerful enough to play demanding games.


Nokia truly is making 5G a commercial reality