Nokia DT-10W hands-on

While playing with the Nokia 9 Pureview, with my peripheral vision I noticed that HMD finally enriched the list of the official Nokia accessories, at least the accessories for devices that support wireless charging. Nokia DT-10W is a new wireless charging pad that will be shipped together with a Nokia 9 Pureview in a month period. I like the small format of the pad, and it is wide as Nokia 9 Pureview is. DT-10W is made out of polycarbonate plastic with the matte finish on the top and shiny finish at the bottom. The body is circular and has the LED notification light on front and USB charger at the back. Charger holds the 9 Pureview nicely and the device is not slipping from it even though it has a glass back. There are also four rubbery pads at the bottom so charger won’t be moving around the slippery surfaces.

The most important part of the charger is that it will be able to output 10W of juice which is nice for a wireless charger. Also, there is the DT-500 wireless charging pad with a portable 4520 mAh battery but that one wasn’t displayed at the HMD event.

Here is a short hands-on video of the DT-10W charger :).