MWC19 and Barcelona, here we come!

The stars have aligned well for Nokiamob to be back on one of the most important events in the mobile industry. Actually, the stars were not the only thing that had to align for us to be going there, but who cares, the most important thing is that we are coming :).
Five years have passed since the last time I was on the MWC. I went as a wildcard back in 2014 when everyone was aware that Nokia is going to exit the mobile phone industry, and it did so with its own version of Android smartphones, the X series. I met wonderful people there and ever since I wanted to come back there since MWC is a special event to experience.

This MWC is also special for us, and all of the Nokia fans since HMD is finally bringing back the Pureview brand to the action. Stipe summed what we could be seeing there nicely here, so do check it out. The journey starts on Saturday early morning when we’ll be picking up the good guys from our partner site along the way so the journey will be anything but boring. While the guys from will be covering many events from various manufacturers, Stipe and I will be focused on the news from Nokia and a bit from the ex-Nokia world. HMD Global was so kind and reserved us a spot on the main event that will start on a Sunday afternoon. We are planning to do live coverage of the event and take a lot of unprofessionally done photos and videos of which you are probably immune by now. Unfortunately, there was just one place available, and two of us, so I’ll probably be running around the hall, fighting other journalists to get my hands on the devices, while Stipe will be drinking cocktails, and laughing in the comfort of some nice bar.

Nokia 6.1 and 7 plus

We’ll be carrying our Nokia 7 Plus and 6.1 to document the trip, but we have plenty of high-end devices for the photo duel with Nokia 9 Pureview (of course, if we get one to do the photo shoot).
In case we don’t doo nice shots of the new Nokia phones at the event, we’ll be visiting HMD’s booth at the MWC and definitely spend some time with them there.
If you have some suggestion of what we should check, or what questions to ask the HMD guys, do leave the comments below.

Besides the HMD, we’ll be checking out the Nokia booth which is going to be quite interesting. I really like what Nokia did in the last years MWC, and looking forward to seeing how they are presenting their take on the fourth industrial revolution and the implementation of the 5G networks. I also hope we’ll have a chance to lay our hands on Nokia WiFi and the Beacons. We better run fast since the security detail there is tough.

We also reached to Jolla and would love to chat with the guys and see how they are doing. Maybe they are hiding some new hardware there and will be willing to share it with us :).

We prepared well for the MWC and believe folks there will easily recognize us this time :). Anyway, if you do have some suggestion of what we should ask, test, check or do, please leave the comment below the post.

Cheers guys!