Infographic that visualize HMD’s progress with Nokia phones

A Redditor Sykic did a nice infographic that shows all of the Nokia smartphones that HMD have released. The infographic can give you a better visualization of how HMD started building up its portfolio of Nokia smartphones, and what kind of phones are dominating the graphic.

It is interesting to see that HMD doubled the effort in 2018 and released twice as many phones than in 2017. The only constant here is series 6 which is a center of HMD’s Nokia smartphone portfolio, and also a borderline device that brings a touch of premium hardware and software features to the people. If you raise the border above the Nokia 7.1, you’ll notice that the bottom part of the graphic, where the midrange and affordable phones are placed, is a bit crowded while there is a lot of space in the flagship area. HMD announced just four devices with advanced, or better say pricier, hardware, and 2019 is perfect for filling that area up.

I was at great liberty to modify the graphic a bit and corrected some lines like turned the dashed one that leads from Sirocco to 8.1 into a full, and made the line that connects Nokia 7 (2017) and 7 Plus a dashed one. Also, I added possible new releases to the list, and now you can see that series 6 is going to be an indicator for slow design changes that accumulated over the year, or a series that will show the future design direction of Nokia phones.

Anyways, good job Sykic! Maybe HMD could do an official one?