HMD submits new design patent to EUIPO and gets the Nokia True Wireless design patented


The first design patent HMD Global submitted to European Union’s Intellectual Property Office in 2019 appeared on EUIPO’s website under the design number 005949062-0001. The design in question was filed on 7th January 2019 and that’s all we know about HMD’s 556th design patent at EUIPO.

The design patents under the design number  005802113-0001/-0002 were registered and fully published today. The patents in question represent the design of Nokia True Wireless earbuds. The filing date for the patent is 18th October 2018 and they were designed by Chien-Hsin Huang, as is stated by EUIPO. The True Wireless Earbuds are one of the most attractive products HMD announced to me personally.

There are still 7 unique design patents left not fully registered, with 6 being from 2018 and the one new from 2019. Design patents that aren’t “fully registered and published” are in the phase where other companies could dispute HMD’s design patents. After the phase is over, the design patents will most likely be registered.

You can check HMD’s full portfolio at EUIPO here.