Nokia: 5G in action

Nokia is looking good now. Its businesses are well organized and rising value to the company. HMD is also doing wonders with the Nokia branded phones even thought licensing of its name isn’t even close to the main focus of Nokia. If you visit Nokia’s YouTube channel, you’ll be overwhelmed with some networking terms and 5G. But, that is the reality of Nokia now, and according to their latest video that sums up all the 5G efforts Nokia done in 2018, we can expect a lot from the network of the future. In the promo video, Nokia is showing its latest key milestones achieved in 2018 and what can we expect from it in 2019. Check it out.

Two more years will pass till we get commercially available 5G networks in the big cities. But, I remember that 4G was slower in conquering the market, at least here in Croatia, and we are already speaking about 5G. Ok, 4G won’t go anywhere, and we’ll be using it heavily for the next decade. It will just take the role of what 3G is playing now, and 3G will become the 2G of the future.

After watching the video, are you looking forward to 5G? Do you think it will change the industry, the way we live or make cars and other large gadgets more autonomous? One thing is sure, we will be finally able to stream HD videos without trouble :).