Nokia and BlackBerry agree to settle their differences outside court

In February 2017, BlackBerry sued Nokia claiming Nokia’s networking gear infringes 11 of their standard-essential patents tied to the 3GPP standard. As we all know, after selling its mobile phone division, Nokia became a much stronger player in the Intellectual Property space, licensing their tech to a wider number of manufacturers from different industries and extending deals, like the one with Apple, but only after a relatively short legal battle. Nokia showed that the company is capable in resolving its disputes, and the same happened today with BlackBerry.

Bloomberg (via SeekingAlpha) reports that BlackBerry and Nokia decided to end their legal battle. This probably means that the parties decided to go back to the negotiation table and maybe we can soon expect Nokia announcing a new, maybe cross-licensing deal with BlackBerry. More about this might be mentioned in Nokia’s Q4 2018 report next year, because the Q3 2018 report doesn’t have any info about the BlackBerry dispute.