Hands-On videos of Nokia 3.1 Plus


A new Nokia phone was announced, and whenever that happens, I have just one thought running in my head. I’d like to spend some time with the device, feel it in my hand, play with it, but I can’t. Luckily, a lot of tech journalists and bloggers from India were at the Nokia 3.1 Plus launch and shoot rather good unboxing and hands-on videos. So, here is a few of them so you can feel the device with your eyes and hear first thoughts about it. Before you start watching videos, i must salute to the HMD Global’s effort to provide devices week before the official announcement (and the strength of tech bloggers not to push any leaks). They did it first with Nokia 7.1 if I’m not wrong, but Nokia 3.1 Plus could easily be the first review ready device when it hit the official light of the day (or reflector light).



Mr. Phone



91 Mobiles




Techniqued Malayalam




For more videos just click here.

I must say that Nokia 3.1 Plus is priced weirdly since it is approximately INR1000  pricier than Nokia 5.1 Plus. For that sum you get a bit larger screen (6″ – 5.8″), bigger battery (3500 mAh – 3060 mAh), pretty much the same camera, and a bit weaker processor (MediaTek P22 – MetiaTek P60). Well, the reason behind the price differences gotta be in the lack of notch :). Which one is your favorite, Nokia 3.1 Plus or Nokia 5.1 Plus?