Pre-order the Nokia 7.1 in the US and get some freebies

Parallel with the start of pre-orders in Europe, where the official Nokia store is giving the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds with every pre-order, Nokia 7.1 is also available for the customers in the United States of America that want to pre-order the device.

In the US, there is no official Nokia store, but you can pre-order the Nokia 7.1 at Nokia Mobile’s official retail partners – BestBuy, Amazon and B&H. While BestBuy and Amazon offer nothing with the Nokia 7.1 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, priced at 349 dollars (302 euros), B&H, on the other hand, includes their basic photo/video kit worth 63 dollars with the device, also priced at 349 dollars in both colors – Steel and Blue.

Keep in mind that Nokia 7.1 is a GSM phone, so it is not compatible with all networks. If you pre-order the Nokia 7.1 via any of the above mentioned US retailers now, the device should arrive at your doorstep by the end of the month.