Nokia Health is dead; Withings re-brands and announces the Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch

After a short adventure into the consumer health and fitness business, the Nokia brand today officially became a thing of the past. Withings’ co-founder Éric Carreel, who purchased the company back from Nokia, announced that the Withings brand will return to the market and that happened today. 

Withings today announced a new hybrid smartwatch called Withings Steel HR Sport – basically a smarter and tougher Steel HR, made for “For serious sports & superior style”. The hybrid watch offers all the connectivity features we saw with Steel HR, also adding connected GPS, fitness level assessment and supports 30 activities. You can learn more about the new watch (and already buy it!) here.

Now all Nokia Health Products, that were previously branded as Withings, again carry the Withings brand. The prices remain the same and the Nokia phones used in official photos are now replaced with iPhones. After OZO and outsourcing the Nokia phones business, Nokia completely exits the consumer market with this sale and becomes the “IBM of networks”, and we know how exciting IBM for a regular customer is.