Nokia Health presented new, good looking wristbands for #Nokia #Steel

Even though we all like Steel HR more, Nokia Steel isn’t such a bad watch to have. It is great looking and a bit smart since it can monitor a lot of your activities. Well, I’m glad that Steel got even more stylish than it is with new wrist bands that Nokia introduced. Actually, there are 16 new bands made out of different materials and available in different colors. Nokia used silicone, leather and synthetic to make your Steel look even better. Nokia showed them at Berlin IFA2017 along with other products and even Nokia devices (Nokia 6 mostly complemented with iPhones).


If you are interested in new wristbands, you can see them here at the Nokia store and also buy them. The price varies regarding the material the band is made of. The leather ones are €49.95, summer style combination of leather and colorful synthetics is €39.95 and silicone one you can buy for €24.95. Great thing is that if you get two or more of them, the shipping is free.

If you buy a new Steel watch you get an extra wristband at colour of your choice. Anyone here has a Nokia Steel? How do you like it?



Source TechBuzzIreland