Official name of Android 9 is Pie. Coming to Nokia phones this fall

The most anticipated thing in the world certainly wasn’t the name of the newest British prince, but rather what will P stand for in the Android P naming scheme. Google officially announced the Android 9 Pie and all of its prime features. So, with the new Android Pie, you will get more of your phone by adjusting less, scrolling less, charging less and tapping less also according to Google. The new version of Android will be powered by artificial intelligence that will learn how you use your phone and adjust it to your needs. I think that we had something similar many years ago. Nokia developed it and it was called Z Launcher… Oh well.

The main changes are the adaptive battery which learns how are you using your phone, so the apps and services you don’t use as much aren’t draining your battery. Also, there is the adaptive brightness that will change the brightness to your likings during the day.
The biggest UI change is the single home button which means that you’ll be using more gestures to control your phone. Now we are coming back to MeeGo and Nokia N9, which is a great thing for all of you that once owned this gorges phone.

The most important thing is that Android 9 Pie has been already available over the OTA, but for Pixel phones. All the phones that participated in the Beta program (Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential), and as well as all qualifying Android One devices will get the latest Android by the end of the fall, or in the next 3 months. So, HMD Global phones, or the Nokia phones, will get it in the next three months, which is excellent news for all of us.

If you would like to learn more about the Android 9 Pie, head over to the official pages.