Nokia Mobile Care (Support) app receives a major update making the app (more) beautiful

I was very positively surprised after receiving the new update for HMD’s Nokia Mobile Care or Nokia Support app for Nokia Android phones. The app is one of the most useable apps that come pre-installed with Nokia Android devices, and the functionality of the app was ahead of the design.

With the new update (V2.0.7), Nokia Mobile added an app introduction for first starters, that simply explains what the app does (this is extremely important because it shows up front the “support chat”), and we have a new “Welcome screen”, or the first screen you see that is nicely designed with a background picture and combination of blue (Nokia’s favourite color) and white. The rest of UI we know from the previous updates and I have to admit that I like it.

If Google Play didn’t notify you about the update, you can head to store by clicking here.

Also, HMD Global added a new app on Google Play store that is made exclusively for the new Nokia 7.1. The app is called “HDR Service for Nokia 7.1” and basically allows the enhanced HDR features of 7.1’s screen. A good thing is that it is a PlayStore app, so if any problems appear with it, HMD doesn’t need to push a system update to fix it (in theory, I believe). The app has a 1000+ downloads and can be checked here

Thanks walaspancha for the tip. :).