BT SIG certification suggests that Nokia X6 is coming outside China

A month ago, Nokia Mobile officially launched the Nokia X6 – the first Nokia smartphone featuring the notch and exclusively available in China. No matter what you think about the notch, Nokia Mobile crafted a good looking device packed with excellent specifications for its price point, and has been well received by Chinese customers.

Nokia fans from all around the world expressed to HMD that they would also like to have an opportunity to buy the Nokia X6 – or in other words, at least according to social media comments, there is a demand for a global version of Nokia X6. I noticed that Nokia fans from India are very active in “lobbying” HMD to bring the X6 outside China, presumably because of the great price/specs ratio the device has in China.The sad truth is that if the X6 becomes globally available, it probably won’t cost the same as in China.

The latest info coming from BT SIG suggests that HMD might bring the X6 to other markets outside China. We already saw the two Chinese variants TA-1099 and TA-1103 (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) certified by BT SIG, but now two new variants appeared – TA-1083 and TA-1116.

Does this mean that Nokia X6 is going global? I wouldn’t bet on that, but there is a possibility, considering that HMD added two new variants, that the device will be coming to more markets. If I have to guess, I would say these variants could be for India (that HMD regards as a super important market just like China) or similar markets.

The X6 is, in my (or our) opinion, the definite death of the Nokia 6.1, because it packs more for a lesser price, at least in China. BT Sig certification doesn’t mention the name of the device, but just the date of certification (15th June) and that it features Bluetooth 5.0. This could also be the rumored Nokia 5.1 plus classified together with Nokia X6 variants, but because we don’t know the details, it’s pointless to speculate. Lately renders of the alleged Nokia 5.1 plus, that features the notch just like X6, were published and you can check them here.

Anyways, exciting times are ahead of us. We are expecting the soon launch of Nokia 5.1 and 2.1 (next month), and a wider availability of the recently announced Nokia 3.1 that went on sale this month. We also hope to see new Nokia flagships by the end of the year, and maybe the notched Nokia 5.1 plus.

Source: BT Sig

via: Nokia Latest