Video: JerryRigEverything tested the endurance of Nokia 6.1

Zack from JerryRigEverything did an endurance test (torture test for me) of the Nokia 6.1, a successor of the Nokia 6 which was the sturdiest phone he tested in 2017. He started the video with a complaint, and Zack is partially right. Nokia is making too many phones so they ran out of names and started using the decimal point in the naming scheme. I would have suggested going by plain 6, but who asks me :).

Here goes the video, but if you don’t want to watch it, I described it briefly under it.

First, he started with a scratch test on the screen, and the result was the same as for all the other phones with the screen protected with a Gorilla 3 glass. Then I stopped watching because he started peeling of the metal with a scalpel… I came back just before the burn test when Zack pointed out that there isn’t a plastic barrier between the screen and metal since two brittle materials don’t go well together and screen could shutter wen the phone does the bungee jump without the cord. Then he tried to bend the phone, and Nokia 6.1 broke like a twig… in an alternate universe.

This Nokia 6 (2018), or Nokia 6.1, got the thumb up from Zack, but he recommended using the protective cover so you don’t break the screen (and save the floor also).

Cheers Atul Antil for the tip